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          Clerk of SCOTUS treats marijuana petitions for writ of habeas corpus as a writ of certiorari in violation of court rules. They were denied by Clerk Harris under Rule 20.2 by applying Certiorari Rules 14. 1.(g)(h) appeals. These rules are not applicable to the filing for writ of habeas corpus to SCOTUS having appellate jurisdiction by Article III section 2 authorized by statutue. 28 U.S.C 2241. To confirm this, 28 USC 2242 ask why petitioner has not sought post habeas relief from the district court of conviction. 





Habeas relief is about liberty, freedom from government custody.


SCOTUS rules are inconsistent with federal law. SCOTUS is above the law.


       Federal Judges in 12 U.S. District Courts have declared being incarcerated is not a substantial denial of any constitutional rights and denied  certificate of apppealability in 2255 motions to vacate.Six went to the Supreme Court of the United States that have the relevant documents from the U. S. District Court.



Rule 20. 4.(b) The court should order a response.  But rules are inconsistent w/ 28 U.S.C. 2241, 2243. The law says a Justice thereof decides to order a response not the court. 


Habeas corpus case to SCOTUS, a justice thereof, has original appellate  jurisdiction to grant, deny or order  a response.



        Except for one the following cases went to the U. S. district courts prior to filing in SCOTUS. The appendix of each has court orders and judgments. Incarceration is not a denial of any constitutional right of liberty.

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The following were stamp ORIGINAL




22-7593 This case was timed barred for filing 2255 motion to vacate.



 By Rule 20. 4. (b) SCOTUS should of order a response. They were all denied as a petition for writ of certiorai for not complying with Rule 20.2 to comply Rule 14 (g)(h) an appeal from a lower court.

Many petitions for Habeas corpus were returned for failing to comply with Rule 14. I do have copies of those letter.


Now I am sending out 28 USC 2241 forms for habeas corpus


The court rules for habeas corpus are inconsistent within themselves and inconsistent with federal laws.



Other U.S. District Court  Habeas Corpus Cases


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