28 U.S.C. 2255 Motions To                       Vacate Marijuana Convictions. 

Habeas Corpus


Title 28. Judiciary and judicial Procedures
Part VI. Chapter 153. Habeas Corpus
Section 2255 Motions
  Federal custody; remedies on motion attacking sentence




See 28 U.S. Code § 2253 (c)(1)(B)(2)A certificate of appealability may issue under paragraph (1) only if the applicant has made a substantial showing of the denial of a constitutional right.



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2255 Motions to Vacate Convictions Cases


In dismissing these 2255 motions to vacate, the government lawyers and judges failed to respond  to the allegation of ground one which are the same in all § 2255 motion applications. Rule (5)(b).


Ground One:

[Inmate]is being illegally deprived of a substantial constitutional right, his liberty. Congress criminalized marijuana without compelling government reasons therefore without due process of law contravening the 4th and 5th Amendments of the Constitution of the United States and is unconstitutional.”


The courts have denied the being incarcerated is seizure of person and  deprivation of their constitutional right of liberty.  





U.S. District Courts


Doc. #



U.S.A. v Sawtelle Closed



142     Sawtelle’s § 2255 motion filed
144     USA Response p. 5-7.
147     Recommendation p. 6-7
149     Order COA denied.


No appeal. Law enforcement officials violated Tittle 18 U..S C. 242 Deprivation of rights Under the color of law



Louisiana, Western

U.S.A. v Robinson Closed



40      Robinson’s  §  2255 Motion.

43      Court order.
44      Court judgment.

45      Court Denies COA. 

Tittle 18 U..S C. 242 Deprivation of rights Under the color of law


5th Circuit Court of Appeals
Notice of appeal. Not signed.

Case 20-30945 Document 00515443065 Date filed 06/05/2020



Mississippi, Southern 
U.S.A. v. Davison



In Behalf § 2255. (e)

195     §  2255  Dee's motion in behalf of Mr Davison.

196     §  2255 Court order.
206     In behalf opposition to order.
207     Court order denial opposition to 196.

 Davison’s Filing

201     Davison  §  2255 motion/

202     §  2255 Court order does not address allegation of motion.
204     Court Denies Certifcate of Appealibity.


Appealed 5th Circuit  Court of Appeals 


U.S.A. v. Davison 
Docket No. 20:60293


Two motions have been filed in an appeal to the fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Document: 00515420086 Motion Suspension of Rules. (FED. R. APP. P 2) Filed:             05/18/2020

Document: 00515420096 Motion for Certificate of Appealability. Filed: 05/18/2020
Document: 00515420099 Memorandum of Law in Support. Filed: 05/18/2020


The Government had 10 Days to respond to Motions. No response. (FED. R. APP. P. 27 (a)(3))


The law says the court should act promptly 28 U.S. Code § 2255 (b).


Waiting for Judgment on granting 2255 Motion to vacate.  No Government objection to Motion for Certificate of Appealability 2255 Motion to Vacate.  


Waiting for Judgment on granting relief in 2255 Motion to vacate marijuana conviction.



U.S. Virgin Island

U.S.A. v. Bully Closed



147     Bully  §  2255 Motion in behalf. § 2255 (e).

164     USA Opposition 2255.
168     Mag Judge Report and Recommendation.




U.S.A. v. Doty Closed 



44      Doty  §  2255 in behalf  § 2255(e).

45      Doty 2255 order: Dee not authorized & dimissed, marijuana not a fundamental right.


Michigan, Western

U.S.A. v. Bachelder Open



In Behalf and Authorized by Bachelder.

280     Dee’s  §  2255 Motion to Vacate
281     Dee’s Mem
282     U.S.A. Ordered to answer allegations
293     Dee’s pleadings denied. No answer filed.


Bachelder filings

          §  2255 Motion
284     Bachelder mem of law
285     U.S.A.  ordered to answer allegations.
287     Govt Motion Extension of time.
290     Order on govt motion.


Texas,  Northern

U.S.A. v. Ray Open


 267    Ray’s   §  2255 motion filed 4/20/202.

 No prompt response from the court. § 2255(e)

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